We can all agree that the beauty and cultural significance of Kauai’s North Shore coastline is unsurpassed. Yet this unique region is facing serious and unrelenting threats from development, misuse, neglect, and now climate change.


Mālama Kuaʻāina is dedicated to protecting this natural treasure. We are the only organization working specifically to preserve this coastline, including the public’s right to enjoy its legendary beaches. Won’t you help us to continue this important work?


We monitor and comment on state and county processes related to shoreline certifications and setbacks, planning for coastal hazards, and public access. We participate in community resilience projects. We help to restore critical habitat essential to the viability of endangered species, such as the Hawaiian monk seal. And we’re a staunch advocate for the public trust — protecting dunes, vertical and lateral shoreline access, and the quality of the near-shore marine environment. 

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Currently, we are working to document the historical changes to Hāʻena and Wainiha beaches by compiling, organizing, and digitizing over 20,000 coastal photographs that span a period of two decades. When completed, this critical tool will inform planning decisions in this unique region. This public resource will also highlight the importance of local historic knowledge — while inspiring and empowering other coastal communities to preserve and protect their own coastal resources.
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